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Warriors, Vineyards, Lions & Drunks

Parenting Principles in an age of Compromise: Judges 13 Life shaping biblical principles for raising and influencing the emerging generation. “Samson himself is a riddle. He was not only a riddle-maker; but he was himself an enigma very difficult to explain.” -Charles Spurgeon

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Jesus, Giving and the Widow’s last penny.

A quick update from Margaret Nelson, our friend on mission in Uganda and then a surprising look at giving from the standpoint of Jesus and the widows in Jerusalem. This message contains the core thoughts about giving as I see them in the New Testament. Hopefully it will be liberating and helpful to navigate the tithe […]

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Are You Blessed?

In reading through the Bible as a church, we have come across the texts that connect prosperity with God’s blessing. This idea has often been at the root of a lot of bad theology, accusations from skeptics and misunderstanding in life. We tackle this subject in this sermon and hopefully provide something that will help […]

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