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10 postures of mission the church must have to respond to the challenge of world missions today.

1. Moving from Fear to Fatih

2. Moving from Apathy to Obedience

3. Moving from Paralyzed to Prayerful

4. Moving from Acceptance to Expectation

5. Moving from Complacent to Compassionate

6. Moving from Privileged to Generous

7. Moving from Maintenance to Mission

8. Moving from Annoying to Anointed

9. Moving from Resistant to Receptive

10. Moving from Patience to Punishment

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The Oracles of Amos

In this sermon, we look at the four primary prophetic messages Amos brought to the people of God and surrounding nations: Destruction, Desecration, Disobedience, Dependance(trust)

We beautify our homes….but not our hearts.

We betray our brothers…instead of showing mercy and forgiveness.

We brutalize….instead of build up others.

We use others to get what we want.

We live off the labor of others.

We love the worship of the Lord…but not the Lord of worship.

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Saints and Sickness

This is a message that attempts to bring some helpful perspective to the pursuit of healing and the challenge of unanswered prayer. Many bible readers fail to see that there are many examples of believers struggling with sickness referenced in the New Testament and not all are healed. This is not an apologetic for sickness and disease or an attempt to show that miracles are not for today. It’s a pastoral plea to understand what the bible teaches unanswered prayer, community and what God does through, in or in-spite of sickness.

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Valentines Day with the Prophets.

God is a jealous lover of His people and the prophet Jeremiah and Ezekiel write some strong break up songs. In one of the oddest stories in the bible, God uses underwear to speak to his people. It’s a message that will awaken your heart with the extent to which God will reach out to those He loves.

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Work & Worship

Help finding fulfillment & meaning Monday to Sunday from the book of Isaiah.

The Gift of Work

The Dangers of Work

The Offering of Work as Worship

Worship at Work

  1. Work should be shaped by Worship (Who God is and what God expects of us)
  2. Work is about order over chaos (providing stability, order and possibilities)
  3. Work is about provision for yourself, family, others
  4. Work is a means to meaning (what you do, how you do it and what you do with the income)
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Job: Battling the Beasts of Chaos

“Wrestling with Theodicy, how can a good God allow evil in the world?

The problemTheodicy . . .trying to explain evil or how there can be evil in a good God’s world

God is all-good. God is all-powerful. Terrible things happen. Trying to reconcile these three things is what we call theodicy—an attempt to understand why God allows evil to exist in the world. To quote Abraham: “Shall not the judge of all the earth do what is just?” (Gen 18:25).

The Adversary: One of the important keys to understanding God’s argument is the symbolism of Behemoth and Leviathan, which in their ancient Near Eastern context represent the sinister forces of chaos, death, and evil. God addresses the issue of Job’s suffering in a very pointed way by reminding him that the chaos in the world originates with the Enemy—an enemy that God alone can and will subdue.

Conclusion: In the end, relationship transcends explanation. Job seemed satisfied by the simple reality that God visited him, while the friends, who offered a view of God, that get’s rebuked.

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Where’s the King?

Message Overview: 

The cycle of repentance, rescue, reign, rebellion and ruin continues. At this point there’s a regathered people, a rebuilt temple and a restored city…but no King or Ark. The last star light of Esther closes out the books of histories and prepares us for the coming star 400 years in the future that will announce the birth of the last King.


Ezra: Restoration of the word, worship and temple Of God

Nehemiah: Rebuilding of the city of God

Esther: Salvation of the people of God

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