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Ecclesiastes and the Death of Meaning, God and Self: Part 3

Wisdom and Relationships: “More bitter than death”…those words capture what only “the heart can know”. The experiences that the heart searches for can be more perilous than the hazards of the mind. The heart is an untamable world, a wild stallion of impulse, desires and demands. It can ascend to great heights and fall to unbelievable depths. There’s a wisdom that can only come from loving someone else. To fully know ‘the scheme of things’ means one must venture outside oneself. To love, is to open oneself up to the possibilities of joy and suffering at a level that surpasses all else.

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Ecclesiastes and the Death of Meaning, God and Self: Part 2

Wisdom and Religion: When the Preacher says, “Be not rash with your mouth, and let your heart not hurry to utter a word before God.” We are confronted with a command that is immensely important, especially in today’s fragmenting, disintegrating and prodigal religious culture. People are leaving the ‘church’ in alarming numbers and many are doing so because they have concluded that too much of our talk is ‘mere breath’. The rejection of truth for many isn’t necessarily an abandonment of the idea that there are true things, but the conclusion that much of what is presented as truth often doesn’t seem to bring about any real sense of meaning.

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The Wisdom Books: Proverbs Sermon #3

The Book of Proverbs and the Hook-Up Culture: How singles & marrieds can navigate sexual temptations, traps and troubles in relationships.  

The book of Proverbs instructs us on how to grow in wisdom by discerning the difference between wisdom and folly in matters of sex, relationships and family. Our ability to understand these truths and orient our lives and relationships accordingly could mean the very survival of our Christian faith, western civilization culture and personal salvation. Everything stands or falls on our fidelity to a biblical understanding of faith and family.  


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The Wisdom Books: Proverbs Sermon #2

Becoming a Symbol and Source of Blessing: the gift and gauntlet of work

Proverbs 1:1-7 and Proverbs 30:24-28

One of the larger themes within Proverbs revolves around the development of the worker for work. God equips us with wisdom from the scriptures to help develop us to be a symbol and source of blessing through the gift and gauntlet of work.


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The Wisdom Books: Proverbs Sermon #1

Sermon #1: Wisdom and the Honeybee

This first sermon on Proverbs explores six main themes of life in Proverbs through the life of HoneyBees. Proverbs 24:13-14 says: My son, eat honey—it’s good for you; the honey that drips from the comb is sweet in your mouth. Know, too, that wisdom is good for your soul: if you find it, your reward will be a bright future and an enduring hope!”


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The Resurrection and the Re-Enchantment of Life

So how does the extraordinary Resurrection of Jesus impact the ordinary lives of people like you and me? In other words, how do we ‘Practice Resurrection?’ How does Jesus rising from the dead move from a historical fact with eternal consequence, turn into a guiding and sustaining influence in all the spheres of our common lives?

I’d like to show how the resurrection of Jesus impacts three spheres of life:
1. The Resurrection assures us of redemption: our inner life.
2. The Resurrection brings re-enchantment to everyday life: our home and work life.
3. The Resurrection brings Restoration to relationships: our relational life.

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The Wisdom Books: Psalms Sermon #3

Sermon #3 Confronting evil with the Psalms….Psalm 74 & Mark 11:12-25

“Let those who love the Lord hate evil…” -Psalm 97:10

“Reading the Psalms is dangerous because the words of the poets and the prophets provoke us to examine what is wrong in the world, with others, with ourselves and with God. I know that you may balk at saying anything is wrong with God. In our head, we probably know that ultimately there is nothing wrong with God, we just don’t know what’s going on? We can’t see what He sees? We don’t know why He is doing what He is doing? But the heart doesn’t always line up with what our heads might be able to intellectually acknowledge. When we pray the psalms they become the smelter’s pot where we throw everything we think, feel and experience into and in time out comes a refined reality that reflects wisdom. But the biblical process or prayer isn’t a demanding, totalitarian like submission or a Pinterest picture of zen meditative ambivalence. Biblical spirituality doesn’t allow us to choose peace with the powers…but to confront them ourselves and in the world around us. The prayer examples of the biblical witness are more wrestlings and wranglings than distance and detachment.”

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The Wisdom Books: Psalms Sermon #2

Created for Creation: “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to him.” -Psalm 24:1

We continue our exploration of the Psalms this week with a look at how we are Created for Creation. The Psalms help us unite the experiences of Earth with the realities and mysteries of Heaven. We learn to pray and sing with all the earthiness of earth. We were never meant to be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.

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