• Book Group, Thursdays, 10am at JWC: ‘Letters To Malcom’ by C.S. Lewis.

Mark 5

Jesus restores a man, a woman and a child from the powers of devils, disease, and death.

This whole chapter wraps up the plight of humanity left to the ravages of self and satan. Men need Jesus, Women need Jesus and our children need Jesus. The world needs families who have been transformed by Christ. Kids need dads and moms who have been redeemed and restored.

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Mark 4

“Jesus didn’t make things easy I believe, in part, because making things easy doesn’t change minds. It merely confirms what people already think, that, or it fails to get past the defenses they erect against things they don’t want to think about anyway. We make things so easy to understand people can see them coming a mile off. When people have to work to understand something difficult their thinking is altered to accommodate it. And the mind never goes back to its original shape.”

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The Lord’s Table As Gospel Witness

One of the ordinances of the church that have been historically consider established clearly by Jesus, the Apostles and the teaching of the Scriptures for all places, all time and all people, is called ‘The Lord’s Table or the Eucharist(thanksgiving) or Communion’ in the historical church. This practice brings together in many ways the overall saving message of the gospel of Jesus. We proclaim Him and His work of redemption, reconciliation and restoration of all things in Him. This table, with it’s elements of bread and wine are purposefully both meaning and mystery, natural and supernatural, intentionally common and sacred to speak of the Son of God and His life giving truth and work.


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