• HOMEMATTERS: Singleness, Marriage, Family & Faith: God’s Plan for human flourishing in the Old and New Testament

Mark 10: part 2

The Rich Young Ruler: How Good is Good enough?

The other-side of the tracks kind of look at “Being & Doing” good and what Jesus’s call to the rich young ruler tells us about money, wealth and giving. This message will either free you or make you mad but either way it has the power to change the way you think about how and why Christians give.

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Mark 9: part 3

Mark 9:14-29: Devils, Dads, and Doubt

Parenting children is tough, but it’s especially hard when bad or difficult things happen in life and the result can be that our faith can get riddled with doubt. In this message we take a look at a Father, a Son, and a Devil and how Jesus brought that father to a greater experience of faith in Jesus in the midst of his personal family hell. Christian’s can often present an always sunshine narrative of Christian parenting that edits out many people’s dark and difficult experiences. Jesus offers hope and help to Parents who are at the end of their rope with their kids. We will explore this in our time together.

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Mark 9: Part 2

With Unveiled Faces: Last week in part one of Beholding and Becoming, I attempted to present Jesus to us in the manner that the gospel of Mark proclaims. My intention was to focus our attention on Jesus and invite us to see that Jesus is the center of the purposes of God. We are forever and deeply changed by an understanding of Christ and His transfiguration.  
In this message I show that we too can experience His transfiguration, by learning to “Behold” Him we ‘Become” more like Him.

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